Arek Hryb (POL)

Arek is a dance student. He is very comfortable with his body and is used to be in front of a camera. He has a lot of imagination and know right away how to use the location and particularities to present himself to its best. The different movements are fluid and looks easy to do even if in reality it needs a lot of efforts and training to achieve. I was amazed how long he could stay nonstop bare foot direct on ice. Arek is flexible and bring a lot of great ideas into the shoot. As a photographer I just had to offer him a nice and big stage and the show was on. It is a huge pleasure to work together with him. I can only recommend him and hope to do more work with Arek in the future.

Shooting locations

All within Switzerland: Arni Lake, Avenches, the Swiss Roman capital.

Backstage impression

Photo gallery

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