Explore Siberut –
discover and experience the Mentawai

Aleouita – Selamat siang – welcome

My name is Rillus Saleleubaja. I’m a Mentawai living on the island of Siberut and I work as a tourist guide.

Jungle trip

I offer and organise customised jungle trip. It goes from one day, two days up to maximum seven days/6nights.
The jungle trip begins with a trip on the river by pom pom (traditional canoe) with small motor. As soon as we have left the houses you’ll get the feeling of an atmosphere like in Apocalypse Now.
We’ll walk on small walking path through the jungle. Be ready to find your way into the mud or breathe taking bridges over small rivers.
For the nights we’ll stay in traditional longhouse where you can meet and share life moments with the locals. You have probably the opportunity to taste the base of all meal in Mentawai: the sagou.
We’ll participate in local traditional activities like poison for arrows, manufacture of loincloth, traditional dancing and fishing with net in river. If we are lucky we can join the local for a hunting trip, to attend a spiritual ceremony, a tattoo session or a wedding.

Beach trip

As an alternative or extension I can organise a trip for 1 or 2 days to the pristine white sand beach of the island of Masilok. You’ll have the beach for yourself. Depending on the tide we’ll go over the open sea or trough channel in the mangrove forest. Accommodation could be at local homestay or in small bungalow.

Coming to Siberut

The main hub to get to Siberut is the city of Padang, West Sumatra. To cross to island you have two options twice a week either by ferry or speed boat. The ferry leaves from Bungus harbour about 20 km south of Padang and the speed boat from Batang Arau river harbour south of the city.
At the moment of the trip I can inform you about the actual schedule.


You can contact me under:
On Facebook: rilussaleleubaja
E-mail: rilussaleleubaja (at) gmail.com
and I can submit you a trip proposal. Just consider that web communication with Siberut is not always reliable and it may need some time before I can answer you.

Basura magata – terima kasih – thank you