Lembeh Strait / North Sulawesi / Indonesia

Lembeh Strait maps

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Information about Lembeh Strait

Lembeh Strait lies near Manado, Sulawesi in Indonesia.
Lembeh Strait is not a particularly attractive diving place because it is close to the industrial port and city of Bitung (187’932 habitants in 2010). You have to count with the corresponding water contamination. But if you make abstraction of that matter it is an incredible place and one of the most rewarding diving places in the world. Here you have to deal with world class diving sites.
When divers want to photograph strange creatures, they think Lembeh. Muck diving? Lembeh.
Lembeh might be the best muck diving and macro underwater photography destination in Indonesia.
Lembeh is heaven for the macro underwater photographer. Lembeh strait has a great assortment of strange fish, macro critters and nudibranchs.
(information sources: Wikipedia and my own knowledge)

How to get there

From Manado you have to go by road to Bitung, then from the harbour by boat to the dive resort in about one hour.

Diving Centres

I have been only one time to Lembeh Strait and I decided to stay at the Two Fish Divers Center. It is an insulated nice place surrounded by the jungle on the shore of Lembeh Island. It is only short boat rides to the dive sites.

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