Leo Jonah (GBR)

Leo is a black albino, he is an athletic build. At the same time he is singer, actor and model. He has participated in theatre productions, music video. With a rippling six-pack and rock-hard pecs, Leo Jonah has managed to sculpt a successful career as a fitness model. He loves the way he looks – he is unique.
Less than five people per 100’000 in the USA and Europe, suffer from the rare condition which leaves the skin and hair white. Even though his skin is white, the 20-year-old identifies as black.
Growing up Leo did experience some abuse about the way he looks, but he never let it get to him. He has a toned physique and he looks natural. He is comfortable in front of the camera. It is a pleasure to work together with him.

Shooting locations

All within Switzerland: Susten pass.

Photo gallery

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