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Indonesia / North Sulawesi / Bunaken

Two Fish Dive Centre: Two Fish Divers
Froggies Dive Centre: Froggies Divers

Indonesia / North Sulawesi / Lembeh

Two Fish Dive Center: Two Fish Divers

Palau / Republic of Palau

Sam's Tours Palau: Sam's Divers
West Plaza Hotels / Malakal: West Plaza Malakal

Yap / Federal States of Micronesia

Beyound the Reef Dive Centre: Beyound the Reef Divers
Pathways Hotel: Pathways Hotel

Chuuk / Federal States of Micronesia

Blue Lagoon Resort & Dive Shop: Blue Lagoon Resort

Raja Ampat / Papua / Indonesia

Kri Eco Resort: Kri Eco Divers



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