"I have recently returned from shooting in with Alain in Switzerland. We covered a lot of ground over two days shooting in some incredible locations including the forest in Aargau, the snow covered mountains of Val Bedretto and valley in Valle Verzasca whilst in Ticino. And we ventured to the reservoir Lac De Lessoc and Medieval town of Gruyeres whilst in Fribourg. We produced some incredible images as we shot in every location whilst experimenting with each beautiful landscape. I am truly thankful to Alain who in addition to being professional was a fantastic host providing flights, accommodation and food. I left Switzerland with not only a copy of all images in High Definition but also with great memories of a wonderful experience. "Thank you Alain for the opportunity and your superb hospitality".



"I had the pleasure of working with Alain around the middle of January. I was a little skeptical at first because he was willing to pay for my flights, food he also pick me up from the airport and take care of all my accommodation. It seemed a little too good to be true. But I took the chance and what a pleasure it was. Alain was incredibly laid back and easy going and has so many fantastic stories to tell. We visited some amazing locations in the Swiss alps and ended up with some fantastic shots to add into my portfolio. I would highly recommend and would love to work with him again! Thank you Alain for the opportunity!"



"We did a shoot together in Basel and Geneva. Alain was professional, friendly and gave me Hi-res quality of all the photos we took. He supplied flights, accommodation and food. The shoot lasted a few hours for 2 days and i got to see some amazing Roman Ruins and jump all over them. Thank you Alain for your hospitality. Took me a while to get back on MM but didn’t forget our shoot."


Kody Poisson

"Nothing but a pleasure to work with. Straight out the gate he sets a calm atmosphere for the model, is extremely considerate of a model needs, and is an amazing cook. It is extremely rare to meet a photographer who is such an amazing human to be around. Ultimately, making me feel like a friend rather than just a model."


Andrew Nortey

"friendly man and great photographer 10 out of 10 the photos will be great"



"Very friendly and professional guy, know what he want for the best shoot, open for ideas and nice to work with. Many thanks for amazing photos. We did a lot of shoots and it was nice and fun."


Daniel Huang

"Alain is a very friendly photographer. Working together with him is very relaxing while productive. He provides huge freedom for the model to express himself. And he is the best cook among all the other photographers I have ever met."



"Friendly photographer to work with! He is open to trying out new stuff and being creative. He also takes good care of the model and shows you the beautiful scenery of Switzerland if you are interested! It was a pleasure working with him"



"We spend the weekend by shooting in Swiss Alps. I really appreciate his approach to whole thing. He took care about everything around the shooting from the accommodation to the cooking. As a photographer, he is patient and experienced. As a human he is a really easy-going companion and wise guy thanks to his rich travel experience."



"Third time I have shot with Alain and not only have I got some amazing images but I've had some great adventures too. Nice little room to stay in on my journey and always looked after with plenty of quality food and drink. Fantastic host and a phenomenal photographer. A great new friend!"

"Well what can I say about Alain. He is a fantastic host, phenomenal photographer and a great friend! I first received a message from Alain on my model mayhem account back in July 2013 requesting a shoot with him. This was another one of my first photo shoots when I started up and we created some fantastic images after the first few hours of shooting together!
It’s always a risk meeting someone you don’t know especially when it’s in a different country but this was certainly a risk worth taking as we are still great friends and shooting together to this day. I’ve got so much thanks to give to Alain as not only have I got hundred of images from our shooting time together but I’ve had so many great experiences going up there. I’ve been on multiple cable cars high up into the mountains, visited many luxurious restaurants including Eintracht steak restaurant, I’ve seen some tremendous sites whilst driving, hiking and shooting including mountains, rivers, cities, towns and villages, we’ve travelled all over Switzerland. If everybody was like Alain and helped people the world would be a much better place. Here’s to many more fantastic memories!
“Danke” Thank you"


Earl Of Essex

"Amazing hospitality to myself in a country i had never been to before, a great man to work with takes the right shots in the right places!"


Dale Barnes

"Hi Alain, Thank for an amazing shoot. Honestly, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and working with you! You're one of the kindest, talented, and interesting person I have had the pleasure to meet!
All the best. Dale"



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