Jonathan Williams (GBR)

Jonathan is biracial half white half Trinidad. He is a personal trainer and his goal is to travel and see the world whilst doing what he loves to do. He likes taking care of himself with good nutrition and regular exercise giving him an all natural look with an athletic body. He has worked as a dancer which has given him the opportunities to perform all over the world including Las Vegas, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Russia, Switzerland, Germany and Dubai. Modelling is his ultimate passion. Jonathan is very flexible and adapt to the location very fast. He focuses particularly on his appearance. It was not planed but because it was snowing all week before the spring shoot we had to change the plan and did a snow shoot. He is friendly and communicative having easy contact with people around. It is a big pleasure to work together with him. Hope we can resume our collaboration in the future.

Shooting locations

All within Switzerland: Arni Lake.

Backstage impressions

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