Kurtis Peters-Hartman (GBR)

Kurtis is a well-groomed enthusiastic person. He is semi-professional boxer building and maintaining his physique. He does also a lot of running and swimming as it is good for his posture. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle enables him to work effectively and remain energetic. To give the shoot a different shape he did for the first time in his life a big jump out of a 12 m high bridge into the freezing crystal clear water of the river. All spectators were very impressed by his skill and courage.
He takes pride of his appearance so dressing smart and looking sharp is very important to him. He has a lively personality and is not shy to talk to anyone and he has a great sense of humour. He knows when it is time to be serious and focus on work. It was an incredible and nice experience to shoot together with him.

Shooting locations

All within Switzerland: Castello di Sasso – Bellinzona, Ponte dei Salti – Lavertezzo, Surberg - Seon.

Back stage impressions

Photo gallery

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